October 10, 2020


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Digital Marketing Trends 2021 – Take a Look

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 – Take a Look

2020 has not been a flourishing year for businesses unless they produce hand sanitizers, does, masks, oximeters, and so on. But, that being said, thanks to digital marketing, the online world has seen massive growth in such adverse conditions and has adapted to the demand of what consumers need from online shops. As 2020 paves the way for 2021, tech continues to alter. Here, in this blog, I am sharing the trends that might inundate 2021.

#Google Verified Listings for Local SEO

If your business is operating on a local level like a shrink’s clinic or a locksmith company, Google My Business listing offers valuable information and assists to establish your geographical location.

A geographically-defined service area with Google My Business listing helps in displaying “near me” searches. It also allows your customers to know more about your business in Google Search results. Potential customers can learn about your address, how many hours you are open, and star rating left by other users.
Are you not sure that the information displayed is correct? In that case, verifying Google business listing and updating the information online is imperative. Here are the advantages of verifying your business.

Verified businesses are more trustworthy than companies that are not verified.

Manage your business information in Maps, Search, and other Google properties.

Save your business from fraud. A verified business does not give anyone a chance to claim your listing as theirs and pose as the owner of your business.

Featured Snippet

What do you do to get an answer? You type the question into the search browser, hit enter, and click on the article that answers your question best or offers you the information you require.

The answer is sometimes suggested to you in a paragraph at the beginning of the result page. This information comes in a box called “Position Zero”, and they sometimes have an image along with the answer. It is the answer you need, and you do not have to check out the entire search result page. It is a no-click search, and search engines provide these to assist people to get answers and make sure that searchers enter the right websites for details.

Business owners wanting to attract visitors to their website can find this arrangement frustrating as Google is helping your potential customers find the right answer. But is it always bad news? If Google or other search engines are using a website to help searchers find answers to their questions, it means that website has valuable content.

To make sure that the snippet draws the reader and compels them to click on your website, you can adhere to a number of things.
Update the page titles to indicate what the searchers will receive when they visit your website. Use schema to increase your content and offer details (reviews and ratings) about the authority and credibility of your website. Make a long how-to list so that the information is paused suddenly and searchers click through to check the whole list. But, make sure that the data you provide is correct.

#Visual Search

When you have a picture or an object in front, you no longer have to type its description to know about it. Simply click and upload the image to get information about the item. For instance, a plant’s picture returns information about its species, and the image of a landmark will provide historical data. When a user looks for a product, the visual search returns similar products and lets the user know where to buy them. Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, and associated search tools turn the camera of the user into a search bar.

If you are wondering how your business is going to leverage visual search, the answer is written below.

  • Add high-end images tagged with keywords that are descriptive.
  • Initiate an image search into your online inventory.
  • Consider advertising on Pinterest in case your target market uses the platform.
  • Create an image sitemap to increase the chances of your images being discovered by search engines.
  • Add alt tags, (alternative text) to all image
  • Utilize descriptive filenames for images prior to uploading them to your website

#Voice Search

Digital assistants activated by voice are still huge sellers and will probably rule 2021. In fact, in certain households, members talk to Siri, Alexa, and Cortana more than they communicate with their family members. The fame of voice search both on our phones and at home had given rise to one of the most crucial shifts in making use of keywords.

If you think about it, you will realize that when you type a search into Google, you use it in a different manner than when you use it for Alexa for information. For instance, if you want to search for the closest Italian restaurant, you might type, “Indian restaurant Reykjavik”, into Google. But, when it comes to Cortana, the search becomes “where is the closest Italian restaurant?” Hence, when you create content, ensure to use keywords as per the questions people may put when using Alexa or Siri. This can enhance your visibility, and this trend of Internet marketing is here to stay.

#Automated Bidding in Google Ads

If you wish to get the best results from a Google Ads campaign, specialists dealing with ads analyze every piece of data and constantly tweak as well as adjust bids, keywords, and phrasing of ads. This obsessive attention to elaborateness surely fetches results. But, it is exhausting. A business owner, who runs a campaign, can get overwhelmed and end up failing.

This is when you must use automated bidding strategies. These permit Google to make use of machine learning for analyzing the huge amount of data it has on its users to regulate your bids in real-time. Ad specialists can grab automated strategies while being in complete control at the same time.

Here, you must know that while automated bidding came into the picture in 2016, most businesses are still not aware of what it does.

While the Internet marketing landscape does not seem to change that quickly, the reality is that as consumer tastes are going through a change, strategies too are evolving.  The most significant part of any digital marketing strategy is experimenting and testing things out. Sometimes you may lose, but at other times, you will win.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to improve your Internet marketing strategy as 2021 approaches closer.